Sri Ram Nallamani Yadava Pharmacy College

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About The Department

Pharmacognosy remains as a promising and ever blooming modern science with its multiple disciplines including ethnobiology, ethnomedicine, phytochemistry and phytomedicine. Natural products have been a continuous source of novel drug leads like salicin, quinine, artemisinin, vincristine, vinblastine, paclitaxel some of which still existing as irreplaceable current drug candidates. The Department of Pharmacognosy, Sri Ram Nallamani Yadava College of Pharmacy provide extensive theoretical as well as practical knowledge in extraction and isolation of various secondary metabolites, formulation and standardization of herbal cosmetics at its undergraduate level.

The students undergoing graduation are trained and skilled with every aspect of Pharmacognostical and phytochemical research and were given a clear insight on herbal drug development, isolation, characterization of active constituents, bioprospecting, development of nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals of natural origin. The department also focus on quality assurance, regulatory policies over herbal trade, and challenges in monitoring the safety of herbal medicines.

Salient Features

  • Highly qualified and experienced staff
  • State-of-the-art lab facilities
  • Medicinal plant garden
  • Herbal drug museum
  • Research publications in national and international journals
  • National and international level Conference presentations
  • Collaborative research with applied sciences
  • Consistent campus placement in leading pharmaceutical and allied industries
  • Annual filing of Indian patents
  • Organizing regular seminars and guest lecturers for knowledge acquisition and dissemination
  • Design of herbal-based dental products
  • Conducting workshops and hands-on training programme
  • Undertaking industry consultancy projects
  • Updated pedagogical approach