Sri Ram Nallamani Yadava Pharmacy College

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The Canteen and lunch service endeavors to safeguard individuals by mitigating the potential for foodborne maladies, ensuring appropriate hygienic circumstances, and averting the presence of contaminated food. Since its inception in 2006, the College Canteen has been operating with excellent efficiency. The Canteen is situated within the confines of the College. The boarders and commuters are served meals to ensure the preservation of food safety and the maintenance of its quality.

The pupils hailing from distant locations begin their expedition to the educational institution at dawn. The provision of the mid-day lunch is ensured. Even numerous day pupils avail themselves of the cafeteria amenities for their morning repast and evening tea accompanied by light refreshments.

The oversight of the Canteen is directly under the purview of the College Administration. The selection of the Canteen Contractor is based on the available and appropriate quotations. An individual with extensive expertise in food services management oversees the Canteen and its operations. The efficient management of waste in the Canteen is achieved through the utilization of a waste recycling unit established on the campus. The Canteen and its environs are consistently maintained in a tidy manner. Plastic bags with less than 10 microns thickness are prohibited within the premises. The administration is entirely dedicated to maintaining the quality of the Canteen for the best advantage of all parties involved.

The Canteen will operate exclusively from 8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M. Day scholars and staff members will incur charges based on their consumption from the Canteen.

Students are prohibited from entering the Canteen during instructional hours.