Sri Ram Nallamani Yadava Pharmacy College

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  1. This Department provide a broad knowledge about Pharmaceutical Analysis Which Involves Basics in Identity, Purity, Content and Stability of Material ,Excipients and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

  2. This Department Involved in The Method Developed of Synthetic and Natural Drugs Stability Studies and also, in QC & QA Department of Pharma Industries.


  • To Produce a Pharmaceutical Analyst to Meet the Demands for  Pharmaceutical Industries in Terms of Analysis, Quality Control  Material (Like Raw & Finished) and also in regulatory bodies.


  • To Develop ability to work in Pharmaceutical Industries on Modern Methods of Analysis, Instruments, Calibration and Validation.

Instruments Available:

  • HPLC
  • UV- visible Spectro photo meter
  • Calorimeter
  • Fluorimeter
  • Abb’s Refractometer
  • Polarimeter